Marissa Bechta - Director
Professional Experience
Marissa Bechta

Marissa has over 12 years experience in providing taxation services. Marissa commenced her career at Arthur Andersen in their Corporate Taxation Division. She joined Ernst & Young in 2002 where she became a Senior Manager in 2004. Marissa co-founded Cooper Partners on its formation in July 2005. On 1 January 2008 Marissa was appointed Director of the firm.

Marissa has strong expertise in a broad range of taxation issues, including corporate and international taxation, consolidations, and taxation of large private enterprises. She has extensive experience in assisting her clients with their compliance obligations, including income tax, tax effect accounting, management accounting, FBT and GST.

She has also worked closely with clients undergoing GST audits and Payroll tax reviews across a number of diverse industries. In addition, Marissa has assisted clients in undergoing financial proposals, together with being involved in the structuring of various property and investment syndications.

Her expertise also flows to superannuation and wealth management. She has undertaken superannuation and retirement planning for individuals, and has also had extensive experience in advising trustees of self-managed superannuation funds with respect to compliance obligations. Marissa also has experience in larger corporate superannuation fund audits and advising on tax and other regulatory matters to small and large superannuation funds.

Marissa's breadth of experience in all disciplines of taxation consulting broadens Cooper Partners range of consulting services that we offer our clients.

Professional Qualifications

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Bachelor of Commerce - Curtin University
  • Accredited SPAA Specialist Member
  • PS146 Statement of Competence - Securities and Superannuation
  • RG146 Compliant-Skills Assessment
Contact Marissa

T  08 6311 6933